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 TheXpDiamond's 2nd Ban Appeal

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PostSubject: TheXpDiamond's 2nd Ban Appeal   Fri Nov 04, 2016 4:57 pm

Hello. My name is TheXpDiamond. Many months ago, I was banned from this server. Here's the story.  

I was on the server creating a pvp map. Me and Scrib were joking around. So then i tell a joke that got me a week ban. I said "Don't be ugly Scrib." Then a Jr admin saw it (I forgot his name. Sorry, it's been a while.) He told me not to insult staff. I said I didn't, talking back. Then I get a week ban.

On the day of my unban, I got up to get on the server. I see I was perma banned for harassment of staff and building inappropriate buildings. I admit, I understand how saying that was harassment. The inappropriate building was me building a penis in the free build area in the lobby. I was a perverted middle schooler back then. I now understand how immature of me it was to do such a thing. I also regret lying to you. I had blamed my brother on building that. I don't even have a brother. To sum it up, I was an immature child.  I was then accused of getting on an alt and getting on the server. I have no idea what happened. I understand you saw the same ip in the imposter, and i don't know how that happened. But I was told the person said they were me. I don't know how to put this any less disrespectful, and I hope it doesn't affect your decision. But I don't see why someone would get on an alt and go to a server they are banned on and say who they were.

So, to be honest, I understand why I was banned. I was immature and rude, therefore I feel I should gain a second chance. If you have any questions, I will answer in this post. If you have any tips on how to make this appeal better, please tell me. I did go by the post How to make a good ban appeal. I also swore in my last appeal, and I am deeply sorry. Thank you for your consideration.
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PostSubject: Re: TheXpDiamond's 2nd Ban Appeal   Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:06 pm

Sorry things have been slow around here so I haven't been checking very often, my apologies.
As for your ban appeal, I believe it has been long enough and you do seem sincere, you are now unbanned. I will warn you, however, we are more strict with players we have had trouble with in the past so watch your step.
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TheXpDiamond's 2nd Ban Appeal
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