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 Suggestions /Donation Ideas

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PostSubject: Suggestions /Donation Ideas   Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:51 am

If you want to pay for the server yourself, ignore the donations part.

My Suggestions:
     1. Donations:

  • Currently on Orca there is no reason to donate, because everything that a player could want is already given to them.  My suggestion is to limit what a player can have by not allowing everyone to use creative/ not drown/ fly/ etc.  By not giving these to the player when they start out, you make a reason for them to donate.  You should also consider making creative donation only, including for the veteran rank.  This does not include the superflat or freebuild world, that world, like on paradise should remain creative (but items should not transfer over, so no abuse can occur).

  • One idea that paradise used was kits.  The main kits such as, wool, redstone, potions, etc., were good incentives that enticed players to donate to unlock them.

  • If the plugin is updated then you should consider bringing back the disguise plugin for veterans, or at least something like it, to make the veteran rank a goal for players to strive for.  When paradise removed the disguise plugin there was no real reason to try to get veteran other than the green name.  You should make there be a reason for people to try to get veteran.

     2. Money:

  • On the original paradise there was a money system that i'm sure you remember; you should bring that back instead of having everything in the shop for free.  The old system made the game a more challenging experience, and made it so you could help eachother out by selling items that you found or made to other players.

     3. Survival:

  • This ties into the other 2 suggestion topics, but you should make a wild world or survival world so that players who wish to play the survival aspect of the game can do so.  On paradise there was a survival world, and if you donated you could have creative in it.  You should bring the creative part back too (or make it survival only, it is your server).

     6. PVP:

  • This is more of an idea than a suggestion but you should consider making a world, or maybe just the server after a new update, that has pvp enabled.  This could allow for friends to get together and build bases and defend their base from others.  Like I said this is more of me stating an idea than a suggestion but you should consider it, at least for when the server needs to wait for the plugins to update.

These are just a few ideas that I hope you will consider.
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions /Donation Ideas   Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:36 pm

1. Right now, it doesn't cost us squat to have the server running, so we haven't yet felt any need to open up a paypal or something. Now if we do set one up, we won't be able to implement any of your suggestions because of Mojang's EULA that was highly controversial not too long ago. Right now, Mojang only allows completely cosmetic perks for donations, so if you have any ideas for that, that would be great.
The disguise plugin, however, sounds like a really good suggestion for the server, but we will probably wait for the 1.9 dust to settle first before potentially adding it.

2. I agree, the money system on Paradise was a fun mechanic, but when you wanted to just build something really big, it was a pain. We decided to go with the free item system instead, but even that did not work out too well. Almost every new user that joined the server was confused that they didn't have creative upon joining, they were mainly misled because the server title is "Orca Creative." Now, we have moved towards giving everyone creative mode and banning certain blocks to prevent abuse. We could enable an economy for our old-school players, but I'm not sure if they would be keen on it if others could just go into creative mode instead. Let me know what you think of that idea.

3. This is a highly requested feature. We shyed away from it up until now because we wanted people to join for the creative aspect, no just for survival. The last thing we want is a split community. However, if it's a thing a lot of users want, we will reconsider our stance on it.

6. It's been suggested before to have a big free-for-all pvp battle in fb in between updates and it's definitely something we will do if we ever have to go into vanilla (so far spigot has been great with quick updates for major releases). During the regular server time, we might just merge the survival and your pvp idea together. This does lead to some problems with naughty nuggets killing other people and stealing their stuff, so we will have to think this over quite a bit if we ever do consider to implement it.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions /Donation Ideas   Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:57 pm

I agree with what Snow said.
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions /Donation Ideas   

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Suggestions /Donation Ideas
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