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 Can My Alt Be Unban?

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PostSubject: Can My Alt Be Unban?   Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:37 pm

Username - Mr_DonIld_Trump (DemoteTheCow2017) old account Name.

When did you get banned? (Date and/or time if you know) - I'm not sure when I got Ban I think it was around June 30

Did you share an account with anyone? - I shared with my friend Josh and he griefed

Who was the staff member that banned you (if you know or remember)? - I'm not sure I think It was Robo

Do you know why were you banned? - For Griefing

If you know the reason for the ban, do you think that the ban was fair? - I think it was fair because my friend was griefing and that is banable

Why should we unban you? - Because he has no interest in playing on the server and a changed the password so even if he did he couldn't and this is my main account. (BTW I am Sam / Condomism)
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PostSubject: Re: Can My Alt Be Unban?   Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:42 pm

If I'm going to unban your account, I need you to promise to be more careful with who's on it. If any staff catch "DemoteTheCow2017" causing trouble again, it's on you.


Ban set to 3 days same as alt "Condomism" to avoid ban evading.
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Can My Alt Be Unban?
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