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 epicbunbun ban appeal

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PostSubject: epicbunbun ban appeal   Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:18 am

Username - epicbunbun

When did you get banned? (Date and/or time if you know) - 11:02 AM on August 10th

Did you share an account with anyone? - no

Who was the staff member that banned you (if you know or remember)? - i think Ilyami?

Do you know why were you banned? - using 'hacked items' even though they were given to me by a staff member and were not hacked

If you know the reason for the ban, do you think that the ban was fair? - not at all, i think i should have been at least given a warning to delete the potions first

Why should we unban you? - if you think i really deserve the ban then i suppose keep it, but i don't believe i did anything wrong
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PostSubject: Re: epicbunbun ban appeal   Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:48 am

The ban was my decision and I agree it was a little hasty. I am currently waiting for a statement from some staff members on whether or not these potions were handed out. Regardless of the outcome, your ban has been shortened to a day. If the staff admit that the potions were distributed you will be immediately unbanned.

EDIT: You are now unbanned
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epicbunbun ban appeal
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