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 skulltron300 ban appeal

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PostSubject: skulltron300 ban appeal   Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:22 pm

Username - skulltron300

When did you get banned? (Date and/or time if you know) - August 10th

Did you share an account with anyone? - No

Who was the staff member that banned you (if you know or remember)? - Ilyami(im not sure)

Do you know why were you banned? - Apparently using "hacked" items, which were potions given to me by a friend who recieved them from a staff member

If you know the reason for the ban, do you think that the ban was fair? - No, I think I should have been given a warning beforehand, and the staff member should have checked if the potions were actually hacked items, instead of simply assuming they were

Why should we unban you? - I don't think i did anything wrong, also my friend epicbunbun, who was involved in this situation as well, got unbanned
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PostSubject: Re: skulltron300 ban appeal   Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:16 pm

Hello skull, and sorry for the inconvenience. At first we believed the potions you were using were hacked in and used unfairly, but now we see it was distributed by staff and we have decided to unban both you and epicbunbun. Sdr made the ban decision and everything was resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience again, and thank you for appealing!
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skulltron300 ban appeal
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